MrDreamer reCaptcha-V2 for Comments

Reduce Comment Spam

Contributors: Dmitriy Yevseyev

Add Google reCAPTCHA v2 to the WordPress comment form to prevent spam.


== Description ==
This plugin adds Google reCAPTCHA v2 verification to your comments section to improve security and reduce spam.

=== Installation ===
Upload & Activate Plugin
Go Wordpress -> Settings -> MrDreamer reCaptchaV2
Put your Google reCaptcha v2 keys

== License ==
This plugin is licensed under the GPL v2 (or later).

== Additional Info ==
Current link to create reCaptcha is here (as of 05/15/2024)

This plugin only supports v2 at this time.


Rid yourself of comment spam using a proven solution that will be at least 30% effective.

Today is the day that you will see a reduced amount of spam comments.